Artist Statement 2020

These latest images are painted narratives of the Pacific Northwest landscape. They are informed by direct observation, improvisation, and thrift store finds. My mission is for these implied narratives to suggest contemporary re-enactments of lush landscapes of the past commonly found in Western Art.

With a nod to fete galante and its focus on humans living in leisurely harmony with nature, I focus on integrating my characters with the towering evergreens, endless foliage and rotting green ferns. Through their willful spirit, the paintings channel myths, fairy tales and contemporary feminist narrative to tell a story. The lone girl as the protagonist on the prairie or is it the princess in the secluded forest?  With most surreal art, the meaning is mysterious and must be unraveled by the viewer. The paintings channel feelings of remoteness, strength and freedom, offering a suggestion of feminine empowerment and artistic discovery.

A formalist at heart, I use the palette knife to construct form; work with color and play with compositional ideas. My process entails scanning the forest that surrounds my house, the shadows, the foliage and the lake. I walk around and playout many scenarios with my characters finding the right fit for each. The ideas evolve as I explore the backdrops, which makes this work exciting. No matter how much I plan, I still never know exactly the end result.